Make Every Day A Love Day.

Talsam is more than just luxury smart jewelry.
It's love, intimacy, and connection.

When you gift someone a charm, you are leading them on a special adventure that begins with an unforgettable unboxing experience and continues with every moment you share in our mobile app.

Unbox Their Heart.

It starts with a reusable jewelry box, replete with a built-in tray, peach ribbon accents, and velvet paper lined drawers.

Love Is In The Details.

Every charm comes with a treasure trove of accessories, including a bracelet, necklace, microfiber polishing cloth, travel pouch, and charging cable with wall adaptor.

It's One Of A Kind.

Every charm is handmade, meaning there's no other one exactly like it. It's totally unique, just like your relationship.

Light Up Their Life.

Let them know they're on your mind. Send them a message and their charm will light up and vibrate wherever they are.