The Mobile Application

When we began designing a mobile application to accompany our charms, we quickly realized that we had to set a new standard. After all, most commonly used messaging apps are not designed to support intimate communication between loved ones.

They say privacy is dead. We say long live privacy.

They say use the same emoticons everywhere. We say not all emoticons are created equally. They say one messaging app can suit most people’s needs. We say our most important relationships deserve more.

That’s why we set out to build the world’s first luxury messaging application for love.

An application that is designed for truly personal communication, with privacy at its heart. One that helps people celebrate special moments in a playful and authentic way.

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Every relationship gets its own private message feed, where participants can share text messages, videos, voice notes, photos, and stylized quotes.

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We’ve incorporated a couple of features designed to give you more control over your messages. The first is the ability to mark a message as secret and require the recipient to authenticate their identity before unlocking it. The second is an automatic blurring out of your feed if you are inactive for a certain amount of time. With both, you can unlock your messages by pressing the button on your charm or using one of your smartphone’s built-in authentication mechanisms, such as Face ID, fingerprint, or a PIN code.