How It Works

For all our emphasis on luxury and design, Talsam remains, at its heart, a technology product. We packed a lot of powerful features inside this fashionable, little charm, which has been precision engineered to keep you connected to someone you love.


A Talsam charm connects to your smartphone using low energy Bluetooth and is powered by a XX voltage battery that delivers up to XX days of uninterrupted usage.

The Button

There is a button on the side of the charm that enables you to perform a few different tasks, including unlocking a secret message and sending an SOS alert with your location.

USB-C Connector

The charm contains a built-in USB-C connector that is used for charging. USB-C technology enables the charm to be fully charged in less than 2 hours. It also means that you can conveniently plug your charm into a computer that has a female USB-C to charge it.

LED Lights

The charm houses a custom circuit board that contains six LED lights arranged in the patter of the Lyra Constellation. These LED lights are positioned directly underneath the six holes that are drilled on the charm’s semi-precious stone face, which in turn are covered by six Swarovski crystals.

Vibration Motor

We included a vibration motor inside the charm to offer you vibrate alerts in addition to the lights. The motor is triggered whenever you receive a message, when you successfully send out an SOS alert, and when you power on your charm.


There's no such thing as one-style-fits-all in fashion, so we set out to design a charm that could be worn in a variety of ways. We added a ring at either end, which enables the charm to be connected to a necklace or bracelet chain. We also produced a range of compatible accessories to enable you to personalize your charm to suit different styles, outfits, and occasions.