An Intimate Connection.

Elevate Your Love.

Transform the way you connect with someone you love. Talsam is a personal gift that offers so much more.

Make them feel loved. Share secret messages. Communicate privately. Receive location-based alerts when they need help.

Express your love, wherever you are.

Personal Notifications

Send them a message using the Talsam mobile application and their charm lights up like a shooting star and vibrates.

It's an elegant way to let them know they're on your mind.

Secret Messaging

Send messages that must be unlocked using two-factor authentication, such as pressing the button on a charm or using a biometric input, like your fingerprint.

Emergency Alerts

The wearer can send an SOS alert containing their location by email and text, along with an automated phone call, by holding the button on their charm for 5 seconds.

It's a quick and discreet way to signal they need your help.*

Special Moments

You can organize your messages according to how they made you feel, choosing from five positive emotions: amused, happy, loved, optimistic, and thankful.

It's a fun way to recall happy memories and may also offer other benefits.

Animated Emojis

A luxury experience has to be deluxe from top to bottom. We created our own collection of illustrated, animated emojis that are designed to leave a lasting impression.

Every emoji is dynamically formed from stardust, which adds a dash of excitement.

An Intimate Experience

Share a private messaging feed with someone you love and communicate using text, photos, videos, voice notes, and stylized quotes.

Any message you receive in the Talsam application is from someone special. No noise. No clutter. Just love.

A Special Gift

All of these benefits are powered by a beautiful, handcrafted charm made from semi-precious stones, Swarovski® crystals, and hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Let Us Count The Ways.

Here are just a few of your relationships that can be enhanced with Talsam.