Frequently Asked Questions |Team Talsam |15 Dec 2019

How Do I Setup Inactivity Protection?

You can set the Talsam mobile app to automatically lock after a certain amount of inactivity. Once it's locked, you need to use two-factor authentication to regain access to the app.

You can choose from a variety of authentication methods depending on your device. Using your Talsam password is a default method available to all customers. Customers with a charm can press its button to unlock messages. You can also use any of the biometric inputs available on your device, such as your fingerprint or facial recognition.

  1. Go to your Settings by tapping on the icon at the top left of your screen.
  2. Tap on the Privacy link under Preferences.
  3. Select the authentication methods you would like to activate and specify an interval lockout period using the timeline displayed.

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