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How To Write A Love Letter

Writing a love letter might seem like something you’d do in another world, where smartphones, social media, and the Internet don't exist. But it’s one of the most heartfelt and timeless gestures you can make. And you don’t necessarily have to be a great writer to pull off. 

How To Write A Swoon-Worthy Love Letter For Your Significant Other.

Ah, The Love Letter.

The exclusive tool of the erudite and the enlightened. Or, is it?

Writing a love letter might seem like something you’d do in another world, where smartphones, social media and the Internet don't exist. It’s one of the most heartfelt and timeless gestures you can make when in a romantic relationship.

And, as you’ll quickly find out, you don’t need to be Ernest Hemingway to gift your loved one a letter that is authentic, touching, and moving.

Why Write Love Notes Or Letters

In the age of instant messaging, writing a love letter to your significant other might feel like an exercise in futility.

Nowadays, there are so many ways to communicate with the people we love. Modern technology, however, has done little in the way of truly connecting us and elevating our relationships.

So, the hearty love letter lives on as a way to sincerely express our deepest, most intimate feelings.

Over and above being a touching gesture, there are other reasons why you might want to try your hand at writing a love letter.

For one, expressing how we feel (how we really feel) isn’t an easy task. If you’re someone that finds it particularly difficult to put feelings into words, then writing a love letter could be a wonderful antidote.

A love letter also makes for a wonderful physical memento. Something special you can tuck away and revisit years later to be reminded of the special memories and moments you’ve shared together.

It might feel like a stretch at first, but there are some interesting benefits to be gleaned from the practice of writing more long-form letters. Writing out your feelings could, in fact, improve your communication skills and strengthen your relationships with those you care for. Writing letters regularly can:

  • Help you to access deeper thoughts and feelings
  • Allow for self-reflection and meditation
  • Reduce anxiety around constantly checking for text replies
  • Bring excitement back into the relationship

A study by Brigham Young University also found that over texting with your loved one can lead to disconnect in your relationship.

Even better is if you can write a letter by hand, as writing is often slower than typing, allowing more time for your thoughts to take shape, ultimately leading to further creativity. Your unique handwriting also adds that personal touch that’s missing when you write an email, text or direct message.

A handwritten love letter for your better-half | Talsam

Writing A Simple Love Note

We could think of this as the shorter, sweeter cousin to the love letter. In fact, if you’re not feeling particularly blessed by the muse of poetry, then scribbling a few pithy love notes might be a better place to start.

Place your note next to the coffee maker or kettle where they make their favorite tea every morning or tuck them away in your loved one’s wallet before they head off to work. Or, perhaps try taping it to their bathroom mirror.

The beauty of a love note is that they don’t need to be particularly long. Even something short can have great impact. Three to four lines should do the trick.

You could use them to express why you’re grateful for having them around, a particular detail you find beautiful about them or to give them a boost of support or encouragement.

The more specific you can be and the more lighthearted and fun (even cheesy, if it feels right) you can make them, the more authentic your love note will feel.

A handwritten envelope placed on a table can hide a beautiful and simple love note | Talsam

The Anatomy Of A Love Letter

A longer, more rousing love letter can be the perfect vehicle for conveying a deeper and more meaningful message. The key to writing these is to really get in touch with your emotions and only pen what you truly feel.

If you’re already a confident and eloquent writer you may be able to put pen to paper straight away. If you’re still finding your feet, then here are some suggestions to help get you started.

  • Begin with purpose - It’s important your intentions are clear from the start and that your beautiful letter doesn’t end up at the bottom of their mail pile. Open the letter by stating how much you love them and that you want to take this opportunity to tell them how much they mean to you.
  • Reasons to love - Think of all the things you love about them (make a list if you need to). Then try and capture each one in a separate sentence. Think about their beauty, their laugh, their smile, how they feel or smell, etc.
  • Focus on the details - Really hone in on the details. Some of the best writers out there swear by this. The more vivid and detailed you can be in your descriptions, the more powerful your message will be.
  • Bring memories to life - Your relationship with them is built on a shared history. By bringing a special memory from your past back to life in written form, you’ll bring back warm feelings and woo them by showing them you cared enough to remember.
  • Take it full circle - Often, the best way to close a love letter is to re-connect to what started it, your love for them. Restating how much you love them will help you finish your letter with a strong and touching stroke.

No matter how you decide to write your love letter, know that you’re taking a very brave step with the act of expressing your most honest, heartfelt feelings. It’s one that could ultimately end up being transformative for your relationship or simply bring you that little bit closer together.

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