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An Act Of Love: How Living Sustainably Can Improve Your Relationships

Caring for our planet doesn’t have to be a journey we embark on individually. Here are ways you can improve your relationships while also benefiting your environment.  

Living With Love

Love is one of our greatest powers as humans, and we have the ability to express it in infinite ways. We are the only beings on this planet that express this strong emotion through heartfelt letters, romantic mixtapes, and bundles of red roses. But loving one another is not exclusive to human beings. Loving more deeply means showing the same love for the environment as we do for one another.

Choosing to live sustainably is an act of love because we are investing in the future of humanity and preserving our precious planet for generations to come.

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It means we are sincerely doing our part to reduce our consumption of natural resources and lessen our environmental imprint on the Earth.

Spending most of our time in cities or suburbs can amplify a feeling of disconnection from the natural world. As we get caught up in our day-to-day lives, we may forget that there is a magnificent world around us. By partaking in simple acts of love for our planet, we can restore a sense of connectivity and appreciation for this place we call home.

Below are simple yet effective ways that you can live sustainably while also improving your romantic relationship(s):

Take A Stroll To The Grocery Store

Devote one or two evenings a week to take a walk with your loved one to the grocery store instead of driving your car. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time together, slow down from the rapid pace of your day-to-day lives, and have a meaningful conversation. 

Choosing to walk to the grocery saves you money on transportation costs, reduces pollution and the consumption of natural resources while also improving your health and releasing endorphins that make you feel good.

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There are also choices you can make at the grocery store that contribute to minimizing your impact on wildlife and the planet. If you enjoy drinking coffee, look for “shade-grown” coffee, which helps sustain forests for migratory birds and other species. Shade coffee farms use little-to-no chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides, and are mostly all organic and sustainable. 

Buying organic food is not only better for you, but for the Earth, too. Organic farms do not use harmful substances in the making of their produce. They use natural methods, such as composting and crop rotation, to renew the soil after each harvest instead of allowing the soil to diminish.

An amazing resource for marked-down organic vegetables delivered right to your door is Misfits Market. Their mission is to bring delicious and affordable produce to people everywhere while reducing food waste at a scale that creates a positive and lasting impact.

Another eco-friendly shopping choice is to buy in bulk. Many stores allow customers to bring their own containers to fill with bulk items, such as loose-leaf teas, oats, trail mix, and more. Decreasing the amount of packaging you consume by reusing glass jars and plastic bags is a hugely impactful way to live sustainably. 

One of the most obvious ways to limit your trash output is to bring your own reusable grocery bags to the store. 91 percent of plastic isn’t recycled and is piling into landfills or finding its way into our oceans as litter. Replacing single-use plastic bags with reusable bags is one of the simplest and most effective contributions you can make to support the environment.

Save Water, Share A Shower

Showering with a loved one is a relaxing, unwinding ritual to do after a long busy day and can be a great way to spark intimate connection. Almost 17 percent of water usage in homes is driven by showering, and the average American family uses approximately 40 gallons of water per day in the shower. 

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By showering together, you use half the water and energy you would have used if you showered alone and you can use that time together as a daily moment of connection.

Candle-Lit Evenings

It doesn’t get much more romantic than candle-lit dinners with your significant other… and you save electricity when you choose to dine with the calming glow of candles.

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The flicker of candlelights creates a lovely ambience that feels cozy and intimate. Instead of turning on your regular lights in the evening, disperse candles around your home to produce a softness that feels warm and welcoming.

You can purchase candles with different aromas, depending on what mood you are trying to create. 

  • Lavender candles help relieve anxiety and stress and promote a restful sleep.
  • Eucalyptus candles are energizing and help improve your focus.
  • Ylang Ylang candles are soothing and mood-lifting, perfect for an evening of romance.

By lighting candles instead of turning on the lights, you keep the spark in your relationship alive and turn an ordinary dinner into an intentional moment of love.

Get Crafty As A Couple

Reusing materials for new purposes prevents unnecessary landfill waste, lessens the usage of finite resources, and saves you money. All of the glass and plastic bottles, paper rolls, clothes, books, pots, dryer sheets, egg cartons, shoe boxes, and light bulbs you use can be repurposed into a useful product for your home.

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Use your recyclables as an incentive to spend time with your loved one crafting and repurposing materials. Creatively crafting materials can be an extremely enjoyable way to spend free time with your significant other and contribute to your home in a positive way.

Transform wine or decorative glass bottles into luminescent garden lights. Turn old buttons into unique earrings. Laundry detergent bottles into watering cans. Milk cartons into garden scoopers.

Below are a few resources that guide you in creating repurposed objects from your recyclables and give you pointers as to what household materials can and cannot be recycled.

Start A Garden Of Romance

One of the most impactful and fun ways you can live sustainably is to grow and eat your own vegetables, herbs, and fruit. Start an at-home herb garden with your loved one, or if you have a spacious yard that needs attention, start a romantic garden filled with the strong scents and colors of roses, perennials, and peonies.

You don’t need a huge yard or sunlit area to start an herb garden. Most herbs prefer morning and afternoon light and the filtered light of trees. All they require is soil that drains well, compost or fertilizer, and occasional watering.

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Explore these two resources for starting your own garden:

A beautiful ritual to partake in with a loved one is to sow seeds of intention. As you plant seeds into the soil, simultaneously plant seeds of intention with your significant other that focus on the ways you’d like to strengthen your bond.

What intentions for your life are you planting?

What kind of person/partner do you choose to be?

What kind of relationships do you choose to have?

What kind of future do you choose for yourself?

As your hands are burying the seeds below the soil, verbalize your intentions together with your loved one.  Watch your seeds and powerful intentions sprout, manifest, and blossom. When the herbs have grown, enjoy a home-cooked meal with your significant other, adorned with fresh basil, oregano, cilantro and other herbs from your very own garden!

An Act Of Love

When we give back to our environment, we spur a ripple effect of kindness and generosity throughout our community. As we awaken a deeper sense of love and care for the world around us, we also learn to more deeply love and appreciate the people in our lives. Connecting to environmental issues offers us an escape from out of our own immediate problems and gives us a fresh perspective of the bigger picture. With an expanded heart, we are free to feel more gratitude and affection towards those we cherish and love.

If each and every one of us does our part for the wellbeing of our environment, we can begin to restore our union and harmony with the natural world. The Earth has given us the people we love most… so let’s reciprocate the loving and kindness.

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