Crafting the Talsam Experience
10 Mar 2020

Crafting the Talsam Experience

Talsam was born out of a desire to create something special. Inspired by a real-life long-distance love story, the charm and its accompanying mobile app boast a full suite of exquisite details and features that support intimate communication. Read on to find out more about the design and features that make up the Talsam charm and experience.

Talsam was born out of a desire to create something special.

Inspired by a real-life long-distance love story, the charm and its accompanying mobile app boast a full suite of exquisite details and features that support intimate communication. Read on to find out more about the design and features that make up the Talsam charm and experience.

Read on to find out about the design and features that make up this incredible new gift for relationships in the digital age.

The beauty

We wanted to create something beautiful. But also, a meaningful gift that felt deeply personal. A physical manifestation of the intimate connection we experience when deeply in love.

We were inspired by the Talismans of old. Those so carefully crafted under starry midnight skies to bestow upon the wearer protection and good fortune. The emblematic seals. The protective amulets. The picture and lockets our ancestors wore around their necks.

All of these lit the way for creating our own Talisman of love and light.

That led to the design of our charm, a piece of wearable tech for modern day love. Designed in New York and handcrafted in Europe, clean geometric lines and discreet detailing became the answer to our design ethos.

  • An authentic, semi-precious stone forms the charm’s centerpiece.
  • Swarovski® crystals, dotted along the surface, light up as a gesture of their love. They form the pattern of the Lyra Constellation.
  • The entire piece is encased in hypoallergenic stainless steel for a stunning, contemporary finish.
  • Only the highest quality materials are sourced so that each charm, in itself, is an exquisite piece that brings joy to the wearer (even without the technology embedded inside).

The accompanying matching bracelet and necklace which connect to rings at either end of the charm allow for versatile and functional wear. The charm can also be made all the more personal with an engraving.

Of course, giving them a gift that’s both beautiful and personal calls for an equally moving presentation. The paper-based jewelry box we created to house the Talsam charm and its accessories offers that final, elegant touch to make gifting this piece a ceremony to remember.

On its own, the Talsam charm is a stylish yet subtle token of love the wearer can cherish forever. Look deeper, though, and you’ll uncover functionality that brings this piece of smart jewelry to life in an unprecedented way.

The brains

We’re passionate designers who are also technologists at heart. That led us to create a solution that would marry beautiful and enduring physical aesthetics with a functional, digital solution.

Hidden within every charm are layers of cutting edge technology. Use the charm to unlock LED lights, secret messages, vibrating notifications, and SOS alerts— features all developed to enhance the privacy and intimacy of your communications.

  • Connected to the mobile app via energy-efficient Bluetooth, each charm is fully functional within a 20-foot radius of your phone.
  • The charm’s built-in USB-C® connector allows for convenient and swift charging (under 2 hours) while battery life spans up to 7 full days.
  • The Swarovski® crystals are powered by LED lights and turn into shooting stars with every message received for a whimsical, heartwarming effect.
  • In addition, the charms’ motor triggers discreet, vibrating alerts, to inform its wearer upon the receipt of messages and SOS alerts.

Use the hidden button on the side of the Talsam charm to unlock secret messages, send SOS alerts, and more.

We recognized we had something beautiful and functional. We now needed the reciprocal, online experience. Something to underpin our charm and its technology, bringing them both together. But in a different way.

The app that brings it all together

Our quest to develop a piece of smart jewelry that would support our most intimate relationships was based on wanting something real. A real way of connecting online with the people we love.

We found the messaging apps we relied on daily to be pretty uninspired, and also blatantly un-romantic. Crowded and cluttered with other notifications, DMs and group chats, they just didn’t feel like the right place for connecting with our loved ones. They also didn’t offer much inspiration, or ambience. Perhaps, most concerning of all, was that most of these platforms offered little in terms of true privacy — something we value dearly when it comes to the ones closest to our hearts.

So we set out to turn the model on its head.

Restoring privacy and creating a safe and supportive haven for the words, images, and videos we exchange with our loved one became our mission. We sought to declutter the direct messaging experience. To make connecting online personal, once again. And, also, something a little more exciting.

The Talsam mobile app, which connects to the Talsam smart charm, is a dedication to all those couples out there struggling to stay connected. It’s the messaging app designed for two.

Every message you receive is from that special someone. There’s no clutter, and no more noise. All that remains is love.

With two-factor authentication, you can protect all incoming and outgoing messages. There’s also a full suite of privacy controls you can optimize for the perfect intimate experience. The app is only available to those who’ve purchased one of our charms, which makes it exclusive to our customer base.

Unlock Secret Message | Talsam

In addition to privacy, the app has been completely designed with the intimate relationship in mind. The sophisticated and understated UI sets the tone for conversing discreetly and authentically.

The Moment Stream is the app’s defining feature. An alternate view of your timeline, it organizes messages based on how they made you feel.

Moment Stream | Talsam

Gone are the days of endlessly scrolling through your phone to locate that particular message or image. When you need those messages, videos, or images that spark joy, amusement, optimism, happiness, love or gratitude, you can access them with one tap, as well as:

  • Share moments. Share secrets. Exchange voice notes, videos, text or photos and so much more.
  • Add captions to your voice notes, or craft stylized quotes using custom fonts and colors to bring your messages to life.
  • Find bold and vibrant ways to express yourself with our signature animated emoji series. Luxuriously realized, these aren’t your ordinary emojis. Elegant and whimsical, these animated illustrations add a dash of magic to all your messages.
  • Mark messages as secret, requiring two-factor authentication to uncover.
  • Set up SOS alerts, for enhanced safety that send the wearer’s location to an emergency contact.
  • Manage your account and configure your charm all in one place.

An experience, from start to finish

From the charm and application to the jewelry box that encloses it, Talsam is an experience from start to finish. We’re here to guide you every step of the way with helpful tutorials to get your smart charm paired and set up. And our dedicated concierge service makes it easy to get in touch with our support team with any questions or concerns.

Explore the inaugural collection today.

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