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31 Oct 2019

The Mystical Powers of Amazonite: An Ancient Talisman of Truth and Courage

Amazonite, one of the six semi-precious stones in Talsam’s inaugural collection, is a stone used to soothe tension and stress, restore harmony and balance, and strengthen loving communication.  Read more to learn about the healing qualities, uses, and powers of Amazonite.

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A Journey through the Amazon

Imagine yourself floating effortlessly through a warm body of water, exhaling tension as you travel downstream and inhaling harmony, balance, and loving connection into your life. These are just a few of the healing qualities of Amazonite, an anti-anxiety remedy of the crystal world also known as the “Stone of Truth and Courage”.

Due to the small amounts of lead and water in its feldspar structure, Amazonite shines brilliantly with rich emerald hues and specs of light-green highlights. Although its name is derived from the fertile landscapes of the Amazon Rainforest where it is said to have first been discovered, granitic deposits of this stone now exist in the dry climates of El Paso County, Colorado, as well as the Ilmensky Mountains of Russia, the Tibesti Mountains of Libya, and the Baishitouquan granite intrusion in China.

The timeless powers of Amazonite are apparent through the ways that powerful women in ancient Amazonian tribes adorned their protective shields with chunks of this stone. Amazonite is a talisman of prosperity and empowerment, as it dispels negative energy, helps overcome feelings of loneliness, and magnetizes good luck and fortune in your life.

Amazonite stone, a treasure from the Amazon Rainforest | Talsam, Smart Jewelry

A Stone of Successful Relationships

Amazonite is especially helpful when it comes to matters relating to the heart and throat chakra. Connecting with this stone aids you in releasing toxic emotions, healing old wounds and removing negative or confusing influences that surround you; paving a path of clarity and freedom.

Amazonite offers wisdom in accepting different points of view and encourages compassion and loving communication with those around you. Working with this stone empowers you to set strong boundaries, move beyond the fear of judgment or confrontation so you can confidently express yourself, and guides you in discovering what your truest values and beliefs are. It is especially helpful in balancing emotional states so that you can communicate with others in a rational, calm manner.

Amazonite can be found on beautiful mountains landscapes | Talsam, Smart Jewelry

By strengthening the heart and throat centers, Amazonite enhances existing romantic relationships and can also facilitate the establishment of a new romantic relationship. Letting go of feelings of jealousy, resentment, and anger is easier with the help of this stone. Amazonite gives you the courage to confront any conflict that may be present in your relationships by providing stable, clear communication skills and a balanced inclusive perspective.

Carrying this stone with you, whether in its raw form or polished in a piece of jewelry, enables you to receive its magic. No matter where you are, Amazonite can serve as a reminder to quiet your mind, ease stressful situations, speak your truth confidently, and embrace your unfolding personal evolution.

Amazonite stone can been found among the deep green forests | Talsam, Smart Jewelry

Timeless Teachings and Beauty

Historically, Amazonite has been used in jewelry making since as far back as 4000 BC, in the early times of Mesopotamian cultures. One of the most memorable discoveries of all time was the tomb of treasures that belonged to Pharaoh Tutankhamun, which included an Amazonite scarab ring. On the other side of the world in, in modern day Brazil, Amazonian tribes utilized the mystical benefits of Amazonite to heal various wounds and illnesses.

Today, the undeniable beauty of Amazonite’s aesthetic is still commonly incorporated in jewelry and beadwork. The wisdom and liberation offered by this stone makes it a timeless, magical talisman. The teachings of Amazonite focus on freeing yourself from negative influences, healing your heart by learning to let go of past wounds, having compassion for yourself and for all of those around you, and bringing clarity into your life so that the purest intentions of your spirit can be the driving compass of your path. Amazonite is an all-encompassing stone of balance between self and other, mind and heart, rationality and emotionality.

Our Amazonite charm is a modern twist of this ancient stone, adorned with six Swarovski crystals laid out like the Lyra Constellation. Whether worn as a bracelet or necklace, our Amazonite charm adds a splash of color to your wardrobe while also keeping you balanced, uplifted, and in harmony with the world around you. Shop Amazonite.

Amazonite Stone: a gem varying from bright verdigris green to a bluish green | Talsam, Smart Jewelry

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