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How to Send Flowers Like a Pro

There’s sending flowers. And then there’s sending flowers like a pro. Here are a few nuances that can make this gesture even more powerful and romantic.

Sending someone you love flowers might seem like an easy thing to do.

However, there are a few things you can do to make this gesture even more powerful, such as getting your timing right, picking the right bouquet, and presenting them at the right time and place.

All of these things can elevate your flowers from ‘just another bouquet’ to the most wonderful thing they received all day (or week or month for that matter).

So, here’s how to become a pro at sending your loved one flowers.

Timing is everything

Yes, sorry to say, but there isn’t a magical flower-buying almanac that exists to help you demystify when to buy them flowers. As with most things that are romantic and meaningful in life, there is a bit of art involved. That being said, here are some general guidelines and principles that are good to abide by:

(2-4 times a year is a good place to start)

Just because…

Without a doubt, the best time to buy them flowers is when there isn’t any particular occasion. You’re doing it ‘just because’ they are so wonderful and amazing. This spur of the moment act often has the greatest impact. Why? Because the gesture you are making says: ‘I don’t need any special occasion to honor you, you’re already special enough.’

Special occasions

As we’ve seen, you don’t need a special occasion to send them a lovely bouquet, but, it’s worth making a note of major holidays when they might expect this as a classic gesture: Valentine’s Day, their birthday, and the anniversary of your first date or marriage. You can also get more creative by honoring them on seasonal holidays, such as winter or summer solstice, or events they care about as opportunities to celebrate how fantastic they are.

On the 3rd Date

If you’ve recently met someone, you may be wondering whether it’s a good idea to give them flowers on the first date; or, is it better to wait until the second or third? While flowers on any date have the potential to make an impression, it seems that the third date actually works as the magical ‘right’ time. Here’s why.

If you think about it, on the first date you are getting to know each other, so flowers may come off as a little presumptuous or contrived. On the second date, they might set up false expectations or signal you are trying to rush things. By the third date, you’ve had a little time to get to know each other. Things are starting to get a little more intimate. Hence, flowers can be a real boon at this stage.

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The morning after (a very special night)

We’ve all had one of these. You stayed up all night. You shared, learned things about each other, and got to a place of deep, soulful connection. The best way to top it all off? Have them wake up to find a lovely fresh, elegant bouquet expressing how much you enjoyed that time with them.

When not to give them flowers

While there’s technically never a ‘wrong’ time to send your significant other flowers, there are a couple of instances when it probably won’t come off as a great thing to do.

  • As a first impression - You don’t know them very well, but you are convinced that if you send them that extravagant big bouquet, they’ll fall madly in love. Think again. Sending flowers to someone you don’t know will likely come off as over-the-top and insincere.
  • When you’ve broken up - It’s not that you shouldn’t get them flowers (especially if you’re looking to get back together). It’s that if you do, you should really hand-deliver them. Sending them flowers right after a break-up is akin to placing duct tape on the wound. Yeah, it works, but it’s not the most elegant solution.

Make it personal (with a note)

Remember to give some context to your wonderful statement with a written note. Writing a few loving, affectionate lines from the heart will make your offering that little bit more special. Just make sure to write something that feels authentic. While quoting some famous poetry or Shakespeare might feel impressive, it’s likely to come off a little shabby. In a similar vein, steer clear of clichés, and don’t forget to review for any grammar and spelling mishaps.

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Pick a great bouquet

Just as important as picking the ideal time and way to send flowers is choosing the flowers that will star in your bouquet.

Remember, flowers can have different meanings depending on their kind and color. If you do a little homework, chances are they’ll be mightily impressed that you took some time to choose something meaningful (not just because they looked pretty).

Roses are always good

They’re that classic you can never go wrong with choosing. Epitomized everywhere as a symbol of passion, love, and affection, roses are one of the highest quality and most beloved flowers out there. If you’re really not sure what they might like, roses are, in most cases, your safest bet.

Their favorite flower

This kind of choice also shows that you’ve been listening. If they’ve happened to name drop their favorite flower, make a mental note of it for your next stop at the florists.

If you’ve been together for a while, chances are your wedding flowers or the bouquet you got them on your first date will go down well too.

If either of these choices aren’t available to you, then keep an eye out and your ears open for what they might like. If they are drawn to some lovely smelling candles or bath bombs, then chances are they’d really appreciate some scented flowers. If they own loads of brightly colored clothes and trinkets, then maybe go for a color that’s daring or bold.

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Bouquet of their favorite color

This one’s a pretty sure bet if you’re really stuck - opt for their favorite color. It will save you lots of time in the flower shop or when browsing online.

Get something unusual

If your significant other isn’t one for the mundane or regular, then it’s worth having a look at some of the more unusual flower choices for inspiration.

Ace the delivery

So, you’ve decided that now’s the right time, swung by your local florist, or are booking your floral delivery online. Now what?

Well, as the old saying goes, it’s all in the presentation, my friend. Yes, it’s true! How you surprise and delight them with flowers can be just as (if not more impactful) than the flowers themselves. As discussed previously, timing is key. But, so is where and how you decide to present them.

Two of the most common options? At home, when you’re alone together or sending the flowers to their workplace. The latter will result in a more public display of affection that is sure to attract some attention from colleagues, friends, and even their boss. So, we’ll go over how to do this well.

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Present them at home

Whether you opt for the ol’ holding-them-behind-the-back or arrange them in a vase all ready to greet them, don’t forget to prepare your flowers first. A little TLC can go a long way in sustaining your new flowers for days to come:

  • Grab a nice vase and fill it with roughly a quarter of water or until the stems are covered.
  • Don’t forget to feed your new floral buddies! Most flowers come with a small pack of food, but if they don’t, a crushed Vitamin C tablet works just swell.
  • Cut the stems before you place the flowers in the vase, so they can drink properly. Do so at an angle, as that gives them more surface area to gulp up water. Once you’ve done this, get them in the vase as quickly as possible (before the stem dries up again).

Sending flowers to their workplace

First, consider whether or not they’d enjoy the special attention that a flower delivery attracts at work.

Next, think about how long you’ve been together. Has it been a good while, or have you just met?

Finally, think about their workplace environment. Is it fun and casual, or is it a little stuffy? If it’s the latter, sending them flowers may not elicit a great response from their colleagues or boss.

And, if you’re sending in a note with your bouquet, avoid getting too steamy or salacious lest anyone should look over their shoulder as they read it.

So, there you have it. Pretty much everything you need to know about buying, arranging, and surprising your loved one with flowers.

Have a story you’d like to share about giving your loved one flowers? We’d love to hear it in the comments.

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