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Styling Ideas For Your Statement Necklace

Statement necklaces are fun, bright, unique, and stand out from the crowd. Check out these creative ideas on how to style your statement necklace.

If you’re choosing to flaunt a statement necklace, you want to make it the focal point of your outfit. Wearing understated clothing puts the emphasis on your bold statement piece, which enhances whatever you’re wearing, no matter the occasion.

Casual Wear

Statement necklaces are an easy way to dress up a casual outfit. Consider taking your favorite basic tee and jazzing it up with a chunky, colorful centerpiece with bold geometric designs. One way to tie your outfit together is to match the colors of your necklace to another component, like your shoes.

Another way to highlight your grand statement piece is to wear colors that dramatically contrast one another. If your dress is an indigo blue, opt for a statement necklace that has bright orange, yellow, and red elements.

If your necklace rests pretty far down your neckline, pair it with a deep v-neck top or over a classic turtleneck. To top it off, throw on your favorite pair of denim jeans and you’re ready to go. Effortless style personified.

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At The Office

Don’t let your workspace discourage you from showing off flair and personality in your accessory choices. Any outfit - patterned or solid-colored - can benefit from the power of a statement piece.

If you’re wearing a darker colored blouse, opt for lighter colored necklaces. The traditional glam of classic cream-colored pearls is a guaranteed win in the workplace. For a modern minimalist look, wear two-toned geometrical shaped necklaces.

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If you’re worried about over-accessorizing, pastel-colored necklaces are a clean, professional option that is not too loud or exuberant.

Having your necklace peek out from under your blazer is a subtle way to sport accessories in a professional setting. There’s something about a deep v-style necklace under an open blazer that says you mean business. For those who prefer button-down shirts to blazers, layering necklaces underneath your collar is another way to complete your polished professional look.

Date Night

The evening is the perfect time of day to let your most exquisite jewels come out to play. If your little black dress needs a touch of personality, opt for a heavy statement necklace with bold, multicolored elements that make your outfit pop.

If you’re wearing a variety of colors, opt for a monochromatic piece that enhances one of the colors already featured in your look. Silver, gold, and clear-colored crystals, like diamonds, are excellent options for single-colored staple necklaces.

Recreate the feeling of an Egyptian Goddess by wearing a thick gold choker necklace that sits high above your collarbone paired with a form-fitted blazer. You’ll ooze regal beauty.

A floral statement necklace adds a more delicate accent to your outfit. Pair it with a simple strapless dress for a beautiful ensemble.

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Styling Tips For Any Occasion

  • Make sure you match your statement necklace to your neckline. You want your top to compliment your necklace, not distract from it. In addition to v-neck shaped tops, strapless, scoop-necked, and off-the-shoulder tops are wonderful options to feature your statement piece.
  • Don’t be afraid to double up on your necklaces. As long as your necklaces do not all rest at the same length on your neckline, layering necklaces is a tasteful way to personalize your outfit. Pair a simple choker with a large, bejeweled statement piece.
  • Consider coordinating your wardrobe with your necklace colors. This is a great way to flaunt your brightest, boldest pieces and still look put together. White or neutral-colored statement necklaces look awesome against bright-colored shirts and dresses!
  • You want your necklace to be the focal point. Make sure your clothing and additional jewelry do not clash with your necklace. Earring studs, thin and dainty rings, or a watch with a smaller face, go perfectly with a one-of-a-kind statement necklace.
  • Have fun! Bottom line is: if you feel beautiful, you look beautiful. Enjoy exploring with different ways to wear your favorite statement necklaces. Try mixing and matching different shapes and styles. You never know what extraordinary look you’ll come up with.

What’s your favorite statement necklace? Which style tip is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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