The Essence of White Howlite: Calmness, Patience, and Easeful Relationships
22 Aug 2019

The Essence of White Howlite: Calmness, Patience, and Easeful Relationships

White Howlite, one of the six semi-precious stones in our inaugural collection, is a stone that stimulates the thirst for new knowledge, heightens patience, and promotes feelings of calmness and tranquility.

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Restoring Peace, Renewing Love

For most of us, life is a fast-paced roller coaster ride full of unpredictable twists and turns. In the midst of life’s chaotic moments, we seek the soothing qualities of a vast meadow or the pensive void of a soft, still ocean. These feelings of calmness and tranquility are just a couple of the wondrous powers that White Howlite provides.

White Howlite is a stone that alleviates feelings of rage, stress, tension, and uncontrollable anger. It invites peace and calmness to take the place of intense emotions we may experience and renews patience and love towards those around us. When worn in jewelry, White Howlite serves as a shield that protects us from absorbing aggressive energies and aids us in remaining calm during stressful moments of our day.

This ancient stone was named after the Canadian mineralogist, Henry How, who first discovered it in Nova Scotia in 1868. Outside of Canada, the largest deposits of Howlite are found in the state of California. White Howlite’s naturally white tones and signature gray veins come from its unique chemical makeup of boron and calcium. Its soft muted hues resemble the serene and mindful healing properties it contains.

Recollecting Ancient Wisdom

Our pasts have shaped and continue to shape us. Working to heal and understand our own past, as well as the journey of our ancestors, can be an overwhelming and treacherous feat. The restful presence of White Howlite is beneficial in navigating the turbulent emotions and intensities that can arise from past life recollections. The ancient wisdom of this stone empowers us to transmute our past pains into new opportunities of growth.

White Howlite’s powerful connection to the crown chakra enhances our memory and stimulates wisdom buried deep in our subconscious. This stone is especially powerful for recollecting our dreams and more deeply understanding their purpose. For those who have trouble sleeping, placing White Howlite underneath your pillow can aid insomnia and ensure a more restful sleep.

Healing Relationships & Increasing Clarity

In relationships, White Howlite strengthens communication between partners by evoking a strong foundation of patience and respect. The energy of this stone allows for a compassionate, clear understanding of one another’s experience and offers new perspectives for moving through conflict.

White Howlite is a powerful talisman to incorporate in the workforce as it increases our ability to concentrate, assists us in achieving our goals by more easily staying on track, and stimulates our desire to research new ideas and think of creative solutions. Between its mentally stimulating properties and its soothing tranquil aspects, White Howlite prevents us from being overly critical towards ourselves and balances our emotional states. The all-encompassing wisdom of this stone symbolizes innocence and purity as well as human dignity and strength.

Our White Howlite charm, is an elegant and adaptable addition to any wardrobe. Whether worn as a bracelet or necklace, our White Howlite charm adds a sophisticated yet delicate touch to your wardrobe while also keeping you relaxed and able to navigate life’s twists and turns with grace. Shop White Howlite.

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