Blue Goldstone Gem: so bright that reminds the celestial night sky | Talsam, smart jewelry for couples
20 Aug 2019

The Magical Powers of Blue Goldstone: A Celestial Amulet of the Night Sky

Blue Goldstone, one of the six semi-precious stones in Talsam's inaugural collection, is a shimmery, captivating talisman that brings your bravest, boldest, and most passionate dreams to life.

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Blue Goldstone
Blue Goldstone

Wish Upon a Star

There are many ways to make a wish. You can blow out the candles on your birthday cake, toss a coin into a fountain, or break a wishbone with another. One of the most spectacular ways to make your dreams come true is to travel out of the city, where countless stars blanket the sky. As you look up at the night sky dotted with luminous specks, search far and wide for the rare occurrence of a shooting star. This miraculous moment is an excellent opportunity to harness the magic of the universe and turn your wildest dreams into your reality.

Blue Goldstone is an enchanting stone with flecks that sparkle to resemble stars in the night sky. Its radiant dots come from flecks of copper suspended in a deep indigo-colored glass. The Venetian glass crafter, Vincenzo Miotti is often credited with Goldstone’s invention. However, before Miotti’s time, a group of alchemist monks who were trying to make gold accidentally knocked copper shavings into a pot of molten glass, producing the first version of Goldstone. Perhaps because of its unexpected creation, Goldstone was historically known as ‘Aventurine Glass’, derived from the Italian word ‘avventura’, meaning ‘by chance, luck, or risk’. When in your possession, Blue Goldstone can be wished upon similarly to a star shooting across a wondrous, expansive sky.

A beautiful landscape: Blue Goldstone can be wished upon similarly to a star shooting across a wondrous sky | Talsam, Smart Jewelry

The Stone of Ambition

This shimmery gem is known as an amulet of courage, as it helps you strengthen your aspirations and achieve your dreams. Blue Goldstone is the perfect companion to help accomplish your goals with stability and ease. It is a useful stone in generating creative ideas and learning to authentically express yourself.

The rich hue of Blue Goldstone works directly with the Throat and Third Eye centers of the body, connecting you to a deeper truth within yourself and ensuring an honest expression of it. Carrying Blue Goldstone protects you from unwanted energies and wraps you in its positive powers. This stone is a talisman against evil and exudes purifying and uplifting vibrations. It sparks self-confidence, ambition, and success around money and business, love and relationships, and personal healing and development.

Believe: A little boy climbing a ladder in direction to the blue sky| Talsam, smart jewelry for couples

For the Dreamers, Lovers, Believers

Blue Goldstone supports the dreamers, the lovers, and the believers. This gem encourages perseverance and ambition, providing you with clarity and perception for your path. Its potent magic reminds you that there is always light at the end of the tunnel and helps you restore a sense of faith in times of disharmony.

Goldstone will help you manifest the things you want and invite more creativity, artistic expression, and freedom into your life. You’ll find that when you incorporate this stone into your relationships, you are able to speak from a loving, compassionate place while also being honest and confident. It facilitates more faith, understanding, and kindness between loved ones. Blue Goldstone provides the space for emotional healing and revitalizes the heart with joy. It leads you on a heart-filled path to the stars.

Manifest Love with Blue Goldtone: a beatiful couple shares a joyful moment | Talsam, smart jewelry for couples

Our Blue Goldstone charm adorned with six Swarovski crystals in the shape of the Lyra Constellation adds an elegant and shimmering touch to any outfit. Whether worn as a bracelet or necklace, our Blue Goldstone charm enhances your wardrobe and inspires you to follow your dreams, take risks, and live with love. Shop Blue Goldstone.

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