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20 Aug 2019

The Protective Powers of Black Sardonyx: Clarity, Stability, and Confidence

Black Sardonyx, one of the six semi-precious charms in our inaugural collection, is a stone that dispels negativity and provides strength and protection. Learn about its unique properties and mystical powers.

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Black Sardonyx

The Lover’s Stone

When we think back four thousand years ago to Ancient Egypt, we often imagine the marvelous pyramids, or the Pharaohs and Priestesses exquisitely adorned in their hand-crafted attire. Rarely, however, do we envision the “common man” of Ancient Egyptian times—the field hands, farmers, artists, and craftsmen who gathered daily around the fertile lands of the Nile.

Black Sardonyx: a gem as old as the Camels in the Ancient Egypt | Talsam, smart jewelry for couples

Because of its accessibility to all people, not just royalty, Black Sardonyx brought romance and sophistication to the common man’s life. This gem has been cherished by many, such as the women in Ancient Rome who wore it in hopes of harnessing the power of Venus, as well as Roman soldiers who wore rings made of this stone as a means of protection during battle.

Black Sardonyx is a stone that dispels negativity and empowers its wearer. It encourages discipline, focus, and motivation and also amplifies your personal power. This stone is created from the combination of alternating layers of Sard and Onyx, hence its name, and is most commonly found in India. These layers appear in varieties of brown, red, white, green, and black. The grounding nature of Black Sardonyx instills feelings of stability, self-confidence, and faith, while the empowering qualities of this stone expel depression and encourage you to take action and make positive changes in your life.

Black Sardonyx Stone gives you magical power | Tasalm, smart jewelry for couples

Live the Life You Imagine

For those who desire more focused thinking, clarity, and motivation in their lives, Black Sardonyx is the perfect tool to achieve success. It awakens stamina, energy, and self-control. If you have the tendency to be drawn in many different directions, Sardonyx helps you stay organized and focused diligently on one task at a time.

The clarity of thought that this stone provides allows you to discover meaning in your life. This stone emphasizes honesty and integrity. Carrying Black Sardonyx with you for long periods of time each day helps you move forward with clarity, make well-balanced decisions, and strengthen your sense of self.

With the confidence and poise offered by Black Sardonyx, introverts can more easily climb out of their shell and interact freely with the world around them. This stone is a wonderful talisman in marriages, friendships, and business partnerships, as it enhances communication, and brings joy and stability into relationships. For those seeking new friendships, Black Sardonyx’s uplifting vibrations attract just the right people into your life.

Black Sardonyx, a gem for lovers who want to stay together | Talsam, smart jewelry for lovers

A Talisman of the Stars

For centuries, Sardonyx has been used as an amulet for protection against evil, as it has strong, shielding energy. It is said that if you place this stone in the corners of your home or the corners of a specific room you wish to keep safe, those spaces are protected from potential harm and danger. Today, this stone is still popular among many and is commonly gifted as a birthstone for star signs Virgo, Aries, Leo, and Taurus. The magnificent grounding properties of this stone make it an excellent addition to your relationships, home space, or everyday occasions.

Our Black Sardonyx charm adorned with six Swarovski crystals in the shape of the Lyra Constellation adds a strikingly beautiful accent to any outfit. Whether worn as a bracelet or necklace, our Black Sardonyx charm compliments your wardrobe and keeps you feeling powerful, protected, and focused. Shop Black Sardonyx.

Black Sardonyx: a dark and beatiful gem full og magical properties | Talsam, smart jewelry for couples

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