Breath for Two: Meditation that Strengthens Relationships
08 Jan 2020

Breath for Two: Meditation that Strengthens Relationships

Cultivating a couple’s meditation practice is a wonderful tool for exploring new ways to problem solve, create healthy channels of communication, and observe your relationship together. 

Meditation has been shown to have an array of physical and mental benefits, such as reduced stress levels, enhanced self-awareness, increased concentration, and a more optimistic outlook towards oneself and others. Couple’s meditation, or partner meditation, allows you to carry the positive impacts of an individual practice into your most cherished relationships. 

Here are some reasons why you and your partner might want to start a couple’s meditation practice:

  • Finding a place of peace in the middle of daily chaos

There is no doubt that relationships can suffer the effects of busy lives. Couple’s meditation helps bring more clarity and focus into your daily routine by giving you the space to slow down and spend quality time with your loved one.  By sharing a space of tranquility, positive energy will surround your relationship and the external stresses of life will fall away. 

  • Enhancing your connection and facilitating communication

By practicing meditation together, you and your loved one can synchronize your inhalations and exhalations. This experience opens the door to a newfound connection between the two of you.  This can result in healthier patterns of communication, in which you both speak openly and calmly to one another without fear of rejection or judgment. Since most of the conflicts that arise in intimate partnerships begin from miscommunication, slowing down together can resolve and prevent communication issues as you learn to open up and allow yourself to be more vulnerable with your partner.

  • Manifesting love and gratitude

By practicing meditation, couples learn to extend kindness and forgiveness to one another because of the practice’s ability to increase compassion toward oneself and others.  As you sit still with your partner, feel the internal cultivation of love and gratitude build up inside of you. Imagine that same love and gratitude flowing freely through your partner’s being as well. Use the positive energy of couples meditation to manifest more joy, love, and success in your life.

Couple holding hands beside the ocean

A Simple Routine: “The Beauty I See in You…”

Here is a simple meditation routine to guide you and your loved one into a state of mutual mindfulness:

  1. Light candles for a calm ambiance.
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on yourself and your loved one.
  3. Sit down, face your partner, and hold hands.
  4. Close your eyes and focus on your breathing for several minutes. If your mind starts to wander, return to the count of your inhales and exhales.  
  5. Slowly flutter your eyes open and focus on your partner.
  6. Imagine you are seeing them for the first time. Observe them from a place of neutrality, continuing to return to your breath whenever your mind wanders. 
  7. Take turns using the following statement: “[Your partner’s name], the beauty I see in you is…”
  8. Take 20 synchronized breaths.
  9. Seal your practice bringing your hands to your heart, closing your eyes and bowing to one another. 

 Ocean and birds

Expand Your Practice 

Although there are several meditation techniques to try, like the one above, they all have a similar end goal of developing a successful connection with your loved one. Here are some options you might want to explore…

  • Meditation Books and Videos 

An excellent resource to introduce you and your partner to the world of couple’s meditation is Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt’s, Couples Companion: Meditations Exercises for Getting the Love You Want: A Workbook for Couples. 

 YouTube also has wonderful couple’s meditation videos that will guide you and your partner through a complete meditation practice. 

  • Meditation Vacation Retreats

If you’re looking for a life-changing experience and an intentional vacation, couples’ meditation retreats are offered across the world.  Whether in the middle of lush green mountains, or close to a rocky oceanic shore, meditation retreats offer the perfect solution for those in search of silence, reconnection, and peace.

  • Meditation Apps

There is an abundance of mobile applications that walk you through guided meditations and help you get into a daily meditation routine. The Mindfulness AppHeadspace and Calm are among the most recognized applications for sitting still.  You and your partner can tune into online guided meditations, meditation music, or attend group meditation classes together.  

 People meditating

Paving the Way Together

With practice and discipline, meditation can become a shared ingredient in your journey as a couple. As you each become aware of your internal dialogue, you learn to carry that wisdom and clarity you receive from meditating into all of your relationships. Couple’s meditation is a powerful tool that creates a peaceful, intentional space for you and your partner to share together. It creates harmony and resonance between you both and gives you the openness to love and accept one another without judgment. Whenever two musical instruments are tuned to each other, they create a beautiful song for the world to hear. When in resonance, there is a steady stream of love, compassion, respect, and kindness that flows from you to your loved one. 

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