Courageous Love: An Ode to Loving Deeply
13 Feb 2020

Courageous Love: An Ode to Loving Deeply

From asking them on a first date to bending down on one knee, every step of love’s journey requires courage. Read our ode to loving deeply: an exploration of courageous love. 

Valentine’s Day is an endearing holiday complete with red roses, fancy dinner dates, sweet romantic cuddles, boxes of chocolate, and plush teddy bears.

Although all of those aspects of this day are charming, we want to focus on the true depth that lies beneath this celebration of love. We’re talking about the unspoken quality of loving another individual deeply.

What exactly are we celebrating when we celebrate love?

Love cannot be honored without also acknowledging the tremendous amount of courage it takes to love in the first place.

At Talsam, we believe love is the ultimate act of courage. There is no bigger risk than placing your heart in the hands of another. There is nothing braver than surrendering your soul to someone else.

For love, we show up as the most vulnerable, unfiltered, and exposed versions of ourselves. We work diligently to tear down the walls built around our hearts. We heal past wounds. We overcome great challenges. We become softer and stronger individuals.

And we do all of this knowing that by being vulnerable and open, we can experience the unnameable power, reward, and joy that loving deeply brings.

In love, we have the choice to glide across the surface or plunge deep into the core.

This plunge is what requires our utmost courage. It is in that moment, seconds before we take the dive, when we ask ourselves, “Will I choose fear or love?”

And when we jump, when we plunge, we’ve consciously chosen LOVE.

Many people choose not to dive fully in. Often times, our minds can convince us out of love. When we’ve been hurt before, it can be very hard to give love another chance.

However, when you choose your heart over your mind, you choose the path of courage.

Here are ways that it takes courage to love:

It takes courage to invite another person into our inner world.

It takes courage to give love to others.

It takes courage to receive love from others.

It takes courage to work through hardships in our relationships.

It takes courage to own responsibility for our feelings.

It takes courage to trust another.

It takes courage to follow your heart.

At Talsam, we draw courage from the idea that we can bring people closer to the ones they love. We use this courage to spur us forward, to be unconventional, to take risks, and to make decisions that feel right even if they defy business sense.

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate all the ways that you love courageously.

Honor the wisdom and bravery of your heart.

Honor those same aspects in your significant other.

...And above all, carry that celebration into the other 364 days surrounding today.

Love is something we never lose, no matter how much heartbreak and pain we undergo.
Love is a way of life.
Love is a path to freedom.
Love is worth celebrating everyday.

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