starting a long distance relationship
30 Mar 2020

Tech Guide to Living Your Best LDR

Here is our tech guide on how to keep the spark alive when you are thousands of miles apart. Your long-distance relationship can succeed with the help of technology. LDR couples can be brought together with mobile apps, digital photos, LDR gift ideas and more. Read more!

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, utilize these tech tools to make your far-flung love story one to remember.

starting a long distance relationship

Lasting the Distance

Through certain circumstances, there may come a time in your life when you find yourself oceans apart from the one you love. Despite what the status quo says about long-distance relationships (LDR) not lasting, we are here to tell you they can succeed. With the help of technology, couples are brought together no matter how far they physically are. A variety of mobile applications and products have been created to improve intimacy and connection between far-flung lovers.

Here is our tech guide on how to keep the spark alive when you are thousands of miles apart.

romantic ideas long distance relationship

Virtual Movie Nights

LetsGaze and are applications that allow couples to see each other’s faces while simultaneously watching a movie. These applications sync your computers together so you can pause and play the same thing at the same time. Gaze gives you access to share your own files and any Youtube videos—a wonderful way to revisit old memories or share a laugh with your romantic partner.

Hear Their Heartbeat

PillowTalk was invented to share more than just words and photos with your loved one. This application lets you hear the real-time heartbeat of your loved one. It is accompanied with a wristband that is used to pick up your heartbeat, and a small speaker that allows your romantic partner to listen.

On days when you are too busy for a video call or dinner date, PillowTalk is a great way to feel close to your loved one.

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Light Up Their Life

The Long Distance Touch Lamp can light up your partner’s and your life with an extra touch of love. The lamps come in pairs, one for you and one for your loved one. When you touch your lamp it uses WiFi to make the other half of the pair glow, regardless of how far away it is!

Personalize Your Text Messages

You don’t need any fancy mobile applications to say “I love you” in fun and creative ways. iPhones and Androids both have text drawing features that allow you to send hand-drawn messages. iPhones also have a feature that lets you send sensor-read heartbeats to someone by holding two fingers down on the digital canvas.

These various messages display as animated images, showing the path your finger took to write the message. This simple gesture can transform ordinary text messages into digital tokens of love.

Keep Track of Special Moments

Between is an application that lets you keep track of your LDR through a shared calendar. Make the countdown official by tracking important dates, such as your anniversary or next reunion.

Love Comes Knocking

Technology has made it easier to surprise your long-distance partner with a bouquet of flowers or favorite box of chocolates delivered directly to their doorstep.

Applications such as Giftagram and aha have made gift giving a fun and seamless task. Some key features of these applications include important date reminders, contact integration so you don’t have to go searching or scrolling for hours to find your loved one’s address, and personalized cards where you can send a special message along with the gift to that special someone.

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A Wearable World of Magic

Talsam is reinventing love in the digital era with wearable technology that enhances the way you connect with loved ones.

Talsam charms are paired with an exclusive mobile application that is designed for one-to-one communication.

The mobile app features a personal feed that allows you to share photos, videos, voice notes, text messages (and make them secret); elegant, one-of-a-kind animated emojis; and a moment stream that allows you to easily find content from the past.

When you send your loved one a message, their charm vibrates and lights up to let them know you’re thinking about them. Your loved one can also send you an SOS alert that includes their location by pressing a button on the charm.

Talsam’s inaugural collection of charms were designed in New York and made in Europe. The charms come in six different styles, each adorned with Swarovski crystals in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation.

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Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

With all of these fun ways to share special moments and create new memories together, technology has made it possible to love in new ways and connect intimately across the thousands of miles between you and your loved one.

Whether it’s virtual dinner dates, flowers at their doorstep, or charms that light up with constellations of love… technology is here to help fill the gap and improve your long-distance relationship.

What are your favorite technology applications for LDR’s? We’d love to grow our list of tech-infused ways to love…

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