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31 Jan 2020

The Ultimate Long-Distance Valentine’s Day

Just because you can’t physically be with your loved one this Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you can’t make this heart-centric holiday an unforgettable one. Here’s our guide to an ultimate long-distance relationship day of love, complete with romantic tips and long-distance gift ideas.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day miles away from the one you love can be a challenge, but there are special things you can still do to honor the romance, love, and connection you share. In fact, this holiday can be a powerful time to express what’s in your heart and show up fully for the one you love.

Our list of long-distance relationship Valentine’s Day ideas will help you curate the ultimate day of romance, complete with red hearts, flowers, chocolates, and (virtual) kisses.        

Surprise Them

Nothing beats crossing the distance to celebrate your love in person. If you have the opportunity to travel to your loved one for a surprise visit, chances are this is the greatest gift they could ever wish for. To connect more deeply with your partner on this day of love, try these four transformative relationship ceremonies.  

If traveling to your loved one is not an option this Valentine’s, have no fear. Continue reading for our list of long-distance love ideas.  

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Make Them a Personalized Playlist

For the musical (or music-enthusiast) couple, crafting a heartfelt playlist is a wonderful way to show your affection from afar. Whether you fill it with classic love songs or slow and sexy R&B, curating a customized playlist is a simple and thoughtful gift you can give this Valentine’s Day. On audio platforms like Spotify, you can select your very own playlist cover image (perhaps a darling photo of the two of you), as well as a unique playlist description (how about a short love poem or romantic quote?).

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Send Them a Scrapbook of Your Love

For the crafty type, creating a romantic scrapbook is a unique way to document your love and celebrate your favorite moments together. Reminiscing on the past memories you’ve shared can create a sense of connection and excitement no matter where you are.

With a handful of printed photos, stickers, markers, decorative paper, and glue you can create a world of love that can be packaged and shipped directly to their mailbox. Your loved one will flip through the pages and be reminded of all the beauty, adventure, and joy you two have shared! 

To take your long-distance relationship scrapbook to the next level, fill it with these beautiful love quotes or your very own love letter. At the back of the scrapbook, remember to leave a few pages empty so you can continue documenting your love story with adventures yet to come!   

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Fancy (FaceTime) Dinner Date

For a classic Valentine’s Day experience, turn down the lights and enjoy a candlelit virtual dinner with your loved one. If cooking is your forte, then tune in via Skype or Facetime as you bond for hours over your individual kitchen extravaganzas. Or, for an equally endearing choice, order matching dinners from your favorite local restaurant. As long as you are sharing a sweet conversation and a delicious meal, then this can be a memorable experience. 

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Create the Perfect Flower Bouquet 

If there’s anything we’ve learned about flowers…it’s that flowers are not just flowers.

Every flower has a different meaning, representing its own sentiment, value, and gesture. Take the timeless bouquet up a notch by doing your research and selecting the exact colors and types of flowers you feel display your affection. Chances are your loved one will be thoroughly impressed by the thought you put into crafting their customized bouquet. 

You can also pair the flowers with a hand-written love note (where you can share the meaning behind each color and type of flower), a box of chocolates, or another unique token of your love.

If you know your significant other is going to be working this Valentine’s Day, have the flowers delivered directly to their workplace. For more tips and tricks on how to nail this classic Valentine’s Day gift, check out our guide to sending flowers like a pro.  

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Long-Distance Love Gift Idea by Talsam

Remember, a long-distance relationship is a unique circumstance that not everyone gets to experience in their lifetime. Aside from the challenges that being apart can arise, there are many beautiful attributes of this type of relationship. 

Long-distance relationships can motivate you to maintain a strong connection to your partner while, at the same time, cultivating your own sense of individuality. Going the distance teaches you to truly honor one another’s dreams and goals, by being a strong support system for the other as they take opportunities that come their way. And above all, being apart can strengthen the bond between you and your partner that extends beyond the physical.

Finding the perfect long-distance relationship gift is a beautiful way to make the miles between you and your loved one more exciting and meaningful this Valentine’s.   

Talsam is luxury smart jewelry that enhances intimate communication between you and your loved one. Every time you think of that special someone, their charm will light up and vibrate when they receive a message from you. By holding down a button on the charm, the wearer can send an SOS alert with their location and can also unlock private messages. 

With Talsam, you make them feel loved, cared for, and cherished this Valentine’s Day… and every day after that.  Learn more about the world of Talsam here

 long distance valentines gift

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