When Is the Right Time to Move in Together?
29 Nov 2019

When Is the Right Time to Move in Together?

For couples with busy individual lives, moving in together might be the perfect way to take your relationship to the next level. Here’s how to determine if you’re ready to take the leap from two homes to one.

As our relationships evolve and grow, so do our needs and desires. For couples with busy individual lives, moving in together might be the perfect way to take your relationship to the next level.

There are a ton of emotional and practical benefits to moving in with your significant other. One of the most obvious wins is that living together allows for consistent quality time with your loved one amidst your busy schedules. Cohabiting lets you share special moments with your romantic partner, more often. Whether you choose to cook a meal together every night or share a morning cup of coffee, living together makes connecting and supporting one another much easier than if you were living apart.

Plus, there’s the added financial benefits that cohabiting provides. Not only do you save money on rent, you also save money on shared groceries, car rides, and getting rid of the time and expense it takes to frequently visit one another in separate homes.

Here’s some information that can help you determine if you’re ready to take the leap from two homes to one.

What the research says

Naturally, as every couple’s journey is different, the amount of time a couple needs before moving in together will vary as well. Although there is no set age or relationship stage at which most people feel it’s the best time to cohabit, research shows that waiting at least until after the honeymoon phase (which, on average, is the first three months of a relationship) is a good way to determine if your relationship will thrive under the same roof.

For some couples, it may be six months and for others moving in together might not make sense until two people decide to get married. A 2015 survey conducted by Rent.com revealed that 37% of couples believe that six months-to-a-year of dating is a good time frame to wait until moving in together.

Asking yourself the questions below can help you better understand if you’re ready to make the move.

What to consider?

Have you talked about the move?

Even if you have doubts, what matters most is that you are both aware and supportive of each other’s experience (fears and all), and that you move through any transition together as a team.

Have you daydreamed together?

An exciting exercise to do with your SO is to talk about how you will create your future home together. After all, moving in with your loved one is an exhilarating endeavor and a major milestone for any relationship! When you imagine you’re home together, what do you want it to look and feel like? Talking about future things, such as the food you’ll make and your home décor, can be a fun and insightful way to know if you and your loved one are ready for the move.

Have you discussed the “boring” stuff?

Unfortunately, there’s no escaping bills and dish duties. But discussing the boring stuff doesn’t have to be all that boring. For most couples, the most stressful aspect of moving in together is having to deal with splitting bills and household chores. Talking through these tasks with your partner ahead of time can actually be an eye-opening exercise in learning more about who they are. If your SO dreads washing the dishes but doesn’t mind taking out the trash, perhaps you opt to take on dishwashing duties. Having clear household and financial agreements upfront can take a huge weight off of both of your shoulders and allow you to focus on all the excitement that comes with this new chapter!

Bottom Line

Merging two hearts into one home is a beautiful milestone for all relationships that should be celebrated with joy! Undoubtedly this transition can bring up fears, but by sticking together and taking chances as a couple, there is tremendous opportunity for building trust and deepening your connection to one another. Through open and honest conversations with your SO, you can learn more about who they are, what their unique needs are, and if you’re both ready to embark on this exciting new adventure together!

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