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20 Dec 2019

Winter Date Ideas

The weather is colder but your heart’s never felt warmer. If you’re looking to spend some quality time this season with your one and only, know there’s plenty for you to do. Here's our list of festive winter date ideas.

The weather is colder but your heart’s never felt warmer.

If you’re looking to spend some quality time this season with your one and only, know there’s plenty for you to do. We’ve curated a list of our favorite winter date ideas featuring cozy cuddles indoors and charming seasonal activities to get you out of the house.

Here are some fun things to get up to with your special someone this holiday season.

Have a holiday bakeathon 

Yes, icing cupcakes and dotting each other’s noses with flour may feel a little rom-com cliché, but what doesn’t over the holidays? It’s also the perfect opportunity to tease each other for your baking skills (or lack therefore) as you blissfully bake away. You’ll also have some heart-warming little treats to share with friends and family.

Here are a few recipes to get you going...

And, a few more for the vegans at heart...

Couple baking cookies together

Spend the day out at a Christmas festival

If you’re looking for a memorable date out with your nearest and dearest, Christmas festivals are a bundle of fun. From street parades to winter markets, there are tons of quirky and unusual events to attend at this time of year. 

For a truly sense-tantalizing experience, find your nearest German Christmas market. You can enjoy a mug of beer or a glass of mulled wine as you peruse stalls from local vendors, full of unusual trinkets and gifts. Don’t forget to breathe in the scent of freshly baked goods. 

Host a holiday movie-marathon (while knitting a scarf) 

Some winter days are made for bundling up with your sweetheart indoors. In this case, there’s only one thing to do - grab some warm blankets and line up your favorite holiday movies. Make the whole experience cuter by knitting a giant scarf together. If you’re feeling bold, you could even attempt a holiday sweater. Adorable and crafty.

Couple cuddling and watching a movie on couch

Volunteer at a soup kitchen 

Grow closer by bringing some light into other people’s lives at this otherwise cold and dark time of year. Roll up your sleeves and get ladling at your local soup kitchen. Or, how about making that lunch date a visit to someone who needs a little TLC with Meals on Wheels? Here are a few more ideas:

Make your own mulled wine and paint 

BYOB (bring your own bottle) paint classes are all the rage, so why not create your own classy version at home by the fire? Better yet, swap that bottle of vino for a festive glass of Glühwein. Glue-what? If you’re unfamiliar with this traditional European classic, you’ll be a fan soon enough; cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg all swirled into a warm, pot of wine sweetened with sugar and clementine juice and heated gently on the stove. There’s nothing more swoon-worthy.

Get them tickets to the ballet 

You’re either a massive fan of tutu n’ tights culture or you grand jeté away at the sight of it. But most will probably agree that a night at the Ballet isn’t just a token date for this time of year, it could actually score you major points in the dating book. You get to dress up in your finest, do a little people watching, and enjoy an impressive production. 

The Nutcracker is, of course, the Christmas classic, but there are tons of other shows to choose from. If neither of you are that partial to Ballet, then opt for the Theatre or Opera instead.

Ballerina shoes

Make tree ornaments 

This is a nice way of feeling like that couple ‘growing old’ together. If you’re putting up a tree this year, spend an afternoon making some ornaments you can use this year and for years to come. Think of them as some fond relationship mementos you can pass down to the grandchildren. 

Going ice skating 

It’s an ol’ holiday classic but a great one. Whether it’s the Rink at Rockefeller or the iced-over local pond or hockey rink where you had your first kiss, going ice skating is a fantastic way to spend some intimate one-on-one time together this season. So lace up those skates and get gliding.  

Couple laughing together while iceskating

Have a pajama day (indoors) with hot chocolate

Nothing better than making a day off together a true day off by staying in your PJs and sipping on hot cocoa. Take this time to recap on the year and all the amazing things you did together. 

Go on a winter getaway 

While some of us love this time of year, others, understandably, would rather be far away right now. Preferably, sipping cocktails on a warm beach somewhere. If this is your partner then why not plan a surprise winter getaway for a few days? Jet off to somewhere warm and sunny where you can restore and soak in some rays. 

Make a fondue

It’s time to elevate date night dinner. A classy but shockingly easy dish to make, fondue is made for when the nights grow darker. While a fantastic choice for Christmas Eve dinner or New Year’s, it’s also a bit of a genius date-night dish (simply because it’s so easy to put together). Get the sparks flying again by melting some of your favorite cheese in a large pot, chopping up some veggies and bread...and voila!  Swap in chocolate for the much sweeter, dessert version of this dish.

People dipping food into fondue pot

Watch your local Christmas tree or lights going up

Another classic but feel-good idea. Stand hand-in-hand as you watch your town install its Christmas tree and lights. It’s a wonderful way to bond with each other as well as connect with your local community.

Keen to try one of these out? Let us know your favorite in a comment or share your own date night idea.  

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