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Make Every Day A Love Day

Doscover what makes Talsam the perfect gift for the one you love and uncover how you can personalise it just for them.

A tale of two star-crossed lovers, oceans apart

Our founder was in New York and the one he loved was in Dubai. How could they bridge the distance between them?

He tried everything to make her feel loved.

Flowers, chocolates, gifts, romantic messages, and even a. singing telegram from Kermit the Frog. But it wasn’t enough.

They needed something that was private and intimate.

Existing channels were noisy, impersonal, and offered little privacy. He lay in bed one night, thinking about all the things she loved.

What about jewelery that kept them connected?

Then it came to him. He could create a charm that flashed when he thought of her, that let her alert him when she needed help. An elevated personal gift that offered so much more!