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What is Talsam?

Talsam is smart jewelry that keeps you connected with a loved one. Talsam charms interact with your phone using Bluetooth. When its wearer receives a message or animated emoji, the charm lights up to let them know. The wearer can also send an SOS alert with their location to an emergency contact by pressing the button on the charm.

How does it work?

Talsam uses Bluetooth to connect to your smartphone. Every charm contains a set of six LED lights on its face that delivers a glowing notification that looks like a shooting star. Talsam charms also contain a motor for delivering vibration alerts, a button for sending SOS alerts and unlocking private messages, and a USB-C connector for charging the charm.

Do I need a mobile app to use it?

Yes! Talsam comes with an exclusive mobile app that you would use to send and receive messages. The app will be released for Android and iOS in February 2019.

How do I send and receive messages with Talsam?

After you’ve downloaded the Talsam app and created an account, you can easily send messages and animated emojis using the main menu displayed at the bottom of the screen. When you tap the plus sign, you are presented with five options for messages: text, video, photo, voice note, and animated emoji. Simply select your desired option, create your message, and hit Send to share it.</p><p>Receiving messages is a little different for the person wearing a Talsam charm. When they receive a message or animated emoji, the charm lights up to let them know. If it’s a regular message, the wearer simply opens the app to view it. On the other hand, if it’s a private message, the wearer is prompted to press the button on their charm to unlock and display the message.

What are animated emojis?

Animated emojis are our take on the traditional emoji. We’ve applied our own style to the design of every emoji, elevating it to make it look more elegant and sophisticated than standard emojis. We also threw in the element of surprise by having the emoji animate from a collection of stars into the final emoji. It makes for a more fun and fulfilling experience.

What is the Moment Stream?

The Moment Stream is a unique feature in the Talsam app that enables you to organize incoming messages according to how they make you feel. You can tag a message using one of five positive emotions: Amused, Happy, Loved, Optimistic, and Thankful. Once tagged, messages are automatically added to your Moment Stream, with the associated emotion represented by a unique color and emoji. You can then browse old messages based on how they made you feel. It’s a fun way to relive positive moments from the past without having to scroll endlessly through your phone.

How do I send private messages with Talsam?

Private messages can only be sent to someone that possesses a charm. To send a private message, simply switch the privacy toggle to ‘ON’ when sending a regular message. The wearer must press the button on their charm to unlock and view your message.

How do I send an SOS alert with Talsam?

To send an SOS alert with Talsam, simply hold down the button on the charm for 5 seconds. The charm will vibrate to let you know that the alert was sent. The emergency contact(s) specified in your account then receives an automated text message and email containing your location, along with an automated phone call.

How do I charge my Talsam?

Talsam contains a built-in USB-C connector that you can plug into a power source, a computer, or even a smartphone. Talsam charms can be fully charged in less than 2 hours.

What's the battery life?

Talsam is expected to offer a standby operating life of roughly 300 hours. The actual battery life of the charm will depend on how much you use it.

How can I use Talsam to connect with more than one person?

Every Talsam charm is designed for one-to-one communication, so the best way to connect with more than one person using Talsam is to give each person their own charm that you link to your account. That way, you can conveniently communicate with each of them from one place, while they can enjoy the same intimate experience with you.

Can Talsam be used to track its wearer's location?

Talsam is not a GPS tracker and does not allow you to track the whereabouts of its wearer. The only time you are given the wearer’s location is when they send you an SOS alert.

What is Talsam made from?

Talsam is made from a variety of high quality materials and components, including semi-precious and man-made stones for the main accent, Swarovski crystals laid out like the Lyra Constellation, and stainless steel for the main body, which is gold- or silver-plated and protected using a PVD coating.

What are the accessories made from?

The accessories are made from plated stainless steel with rhinestones used for accents where applicable.

Is Talsam waterproof?

Talsam is designed to be water-resistant, not fully waterproof. In practice, this means that Talsam should be okay if you accidentally wash your hands with it on or otherwise spill water on the charm. On the other hand, it’s not a good idea to swim in a pool or go deep sea diving while wearing your Talsam charm.

Does my phone need Internet or data to work with Talsam?

Yes, your phone needs an Internet connection or data for Talsam to function. This is because alerts on the charm are triggered by the mobile app, which must be able to receive messages from our server in order to send a signal to the charm.

How can I wear Talsam as a bracelet or necklace?

Every charm has a ring at either end that are designed to be connected to bracelet or necklace chains. All of our accessories have hooks, clasps, or some other connection mechanism that can be attached to the rings on a Talsam charm to transform it into a bracelet or necklace.

Can I choose the stone and metal finish?

No, at the moment, you can only choose from the six stone and metal combinations we are offering in our inaugural collection.

Is Talsam designed just for women?

Talsam is gender neutral. We chose a sleek form factor with sharp edges to suit a wide range of wardrobes and personalities. While our initial line of accessories is more feminine on average, we plan on introducing additional accessories that are more broadly appealing.

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