Crafted By Hand.

Infused With Heart.

We treat every charm as if we’re making it for a loved one.

Every stone is cut and polished by hand. The holes that make up the Lyra Constellation are drilled into each stone using a proprietary process. The stainless steel parts are polished by hand. And everything is assembled by hand in Europe.

We perform quality control at every step, to ensure that we would be proud to gift every charm to someone we love.

Rooted In Legend.

We drew inspiration from ancient talismans and the Lyra Constellation to produce the final design.

Our objective was to produce a charm that would feel right at home amongst the boldest statement jewelry pieces.

A Heart Of Technology.

Our charms are the ultimate blend of beauty and brains, with a suite of electronic components that are so discreetly built into their design you can’t even tell they’re there.

These practical features add function to the charms' sleek form, and include a button, LED lights, a vibration motor, and a concealed USB-C™ connector.

A Semi-Precious Stone Centerpiece.

Every charm is highlighted by a semi-precious stone centerpiece that is adorned with six Swarovski® crystals.

Our inaugural line consists of six different stone options, each boasting its own set of unique properties.

Every stone is cut by hand using a proprietary process, with six expertly drilled holes arranged in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation.

A Swarovski® Crystal Constellation.

We sourced Swarovski® crystals with the precise dimensions to fit in the holes on every semi-precious stone centerpiece.

Every crystal is deftly placed in a hole and glued in position by hand to ensure a perfect fit.

Hypoallergenic Materials.

We chose stainless steel for the charm body for its durability and hypoallergenic qualities.

Every charm is coated using physical vapor deposition (PVD), which is a more environmentally friendly and longer lasting alternative to conventional plating processes.

Attention To Detail.

We employed a rigorous approach to producing the charm, testing and refining each part to ensure optimal fit.

Every component is designed down to the millimeter and every accessory is purpose built to carry the charm.

Manufacturing our charms is so complex that we developed a series of proprietary techniques for completing and optimizing different stages of the process.

Your Love, Unboxed.

First impressions last forever. Our packaging is our first interaction with you, so we treated it as if it was part of the product itself.

Every detail has been designed to sweep its recipient off their feet. We took the classic jewelry box and reinvented it, offering you a built-in tray, velvet paper lined drawer, and a suite of accessories that would make even the most extravagant brand proud.

Unboxing Talsam