Driven By Six Senses.

A Legacy Built On Values.

Our values together comprise the blueprint for every decision we make. We aspire to build a sustainable business without compromising on the things we believe in.

This mindset underpins every aspect of our company, from our product line to how we treat people on a daily basis.

A legacy that is true to these values is something we strive for every single day.


Love permeates everything we do.

Every product feature starts and ends with love. Every design element is inspired by love. Love was our starting point. Love continues to drive us forward.

Love is at the center of our connection with our customers. Love compels us to place the same importance on their personal relationships as we do on our own.

The message is and always will be love.


Love cannot be fully expressed without freedom.

The freedom offered by real privacy and knowing that your data won’t be mined for profit. The freedom to showcase your deepest emotions using all the tools you need to say exactly what you want. The freedom to be yourself, always.

Freedom of thought, freedom of heart, and the freedom to love and be loved by anyone you choose. That is what freedom means to us.


Love is the ultimate act of courage. There is no bigger gamble than placing your heart in the hands of another. There is nothing braver than surrendering your soul to someone else.

It takes courage to follow your heart. It takes courage to be different, think different, and act different.

We draw courage from the idea that we can bring people closer to the ones they love. We use this courage to spur us forward, to be unconventional, to take risks, and to make decisions that feel right even if they defy business sense.


To be authentic is the ultimate act of self-love. It’s listening to your heart and being true to yourself, no matter the circumstances. It’s wearing your heart on your sleeve, even when it’s not the fashionable thing to do.

Being authentic means making decisions that are aligned with who we are and who we want to be.


Integrity is about being honest and transparent. It’s at the heart of any meaningful personal relationship.

Integrity means treating our customers with love and respect. It means having a real business model that doesn’t rely on exploitation. It means having a privacy policy that is easy to understand. It means choosing materials that are high quality and hypoallergenic.

Integrity acts as our North Star, guiding every choice we make, ensuring that we always try to do the right thing.


Impact means answering, “yes,” to the question: did you leave the world a better place than when you found it?

Nothing brings us more joy than knowing that we’ve reduced the strain on a couple in a long-distance relationship or that our product has made someone feel loved, even for one day.

This is the impact we aspire to have. To preserve, foster, and support love in the digital age.