Your Love, Unboxed.

The Jewelry Box.

We designed a luxury unboxing experience using primarily paper-based materials, an unlikely marriage of extravagance and sustainability.

Every charm comes with a bracelet and necklace, microfiber polishing cloth, travel pouch, and charging cable.

All tastefully presented inside a reusable jewelry box with a built-in tray and velvet paper lined drawer.


Producing packaging that can be reused helps limit the damage it can inflict on the planet, because it’s less likely to be discarded.

For packaging to be reusable, it has to be attractive, functional, and durable.


When we began designing the packaging, we immediately looked to the world of jewelry for inspiration. How do people store, maintain, and accessorize their jewelry?

We decided to recreate the quintessential jewelry box, equipped with a drawer and a tray that make it easy and elegant to store your charm.

In fact, we went further and designed packaging that could be used with all sorts of jewelry, not just our own.


The way packaging feels in someone’s hands and looks inside their home goes a long way to influencing their decision to keep it.

We selected luxurious paper-based materials for the box and its components, ranging from reinforced, textured paper for the exterior walls to a velvety soft paper for the lining.

Collectively, it translates to a packaging experience that is unparalleled in the world of wearable technology.


We designed adjustable bracelet and necklace chains to go with every charm, along with a custom charging cable. We threw in a travel pouch and polishing cloth with our logo foil stamped in rose gold.

When you add it all up, you end up with packaging that is almost as special as the product it holds.


The outer sleeve is a marriage of multiple layers, textures, and silhouettes.

The matte, soft touch texture of the sleeve’s dark blue surface is broken up by geometric segments of metal foil and glossy stone surfaces. Lines connected by dots represent the stars in the Lyra Constellation and unify all four sides of the sleeve.

Elegant illustrations complete the experience, providing you with just the right information, stylishly organized.