A Symbol Of Your Love.

Use Talsam to make someone special in your life feel loved, safe, and connected - no matter where you are.

Watch the film to see how it works.

Light Up Their Life.

Messages sent using the app make their charm light up like a shooting star.

Make Them Feel Safe.

They can share their location with you by pressing the button on their charm.*

A Long-Distance Gift.

Handmade in Europe using semi-precious stones, Swarovski® crystals, and hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Presented inside a reusable jewelry box containing adjustable length bracelet and necklace chains.

An Intimate Experience.

Express yourself using text, photos, videos, voice notes, animated emojis, and stylized quotes.

Messages marked secret can only be opened using the charm, a fingerprint, retina scan, or password.

Organize messages based on how they make you feel: amused, happy, loved, optimistic, or thankful.

For videos that showcase how to use our charms, visit our FAQs.