Talsam Manufacturing Update

The last two years have been challenging for everyone, including us at Talsam. Launching a luxury smart jewelry line that requires coordinated cross-country production and supply chain management in the middle of a global pandemic was never going to be easy. However, we persevered and pulled through.
Unfortunately, manufacturing continues to be hit hard all over the world, and Covid continues to put a strain on our production processes, making it difficult for us to manufacture new stock without an increase in price and lead times.
We have subsequently decided to stop manufacturing new charms for the time being, and instead focus on developing our mobile applications. We will continue to support our charms, and our existing customers should not be affected. We simply won't be taking new orders in the U.S.A. effective November 12, 2021, until conditions on the ground improve enough to justify further production.
Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions at concierge@talsam.com. Our team is here to serve you.

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