How It Works.

A Heart Of Technology.

For all our emphasis on luxury and design, Talsam remains, at its heart, a technology product.

We packed a lot of powerful features inside this exquisite piece of jewelry, which has been precision engineered to keep you connected to someone you love.

Powered By Bluetooth®

Every charm connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth Low Energy®.

Our charms usually operate up to 20 feet away from your smartphone.

USB-C® Connector

Every charm contains a built-in USB-C® connector that is used for charging.

It takes less than 2 hours to fully charge a charm and the battery can last up to 7 days.

LED Lights

Every charm contains six LED lights positioned directly underneath six Swarovski® crystals arranged in the pattern of the Lyra Constellation.

The end result is a magical shooting star effect whenever the wearer receives a message.

Vibration Motor

Every charm contains a motor to offer you vibrate alerts in addition to the lights.

It is triggered whenever you receive a message, send an SOS alert, or perform other actions with your charm.

Multipurpose Button

A button on the side of the charm enables you to perform a range of actions, including unlocking secret messages and sending SOS alerts.

Built-In Versatility.

A ring at either end of the charm can be connected to different accessories, instantly transforming it into a necklace or bracelet.