An Intimate Connection.

Elevate Your Love.

Transform the way you connect with someone you love. Talsam is a personal gift that offers so much more.

Make them feel loved. Share secret messages. Communicate privately. Receive location-based alerts when they need help.

Express your love in an intimate setting, wherever you are.

A Special Gift.

An exquisite, handcrafted charm made from genuine semi-precious stones, Swarovski® crystals, and hypoallergenic stainless steel.

Presented inside a gorgeous, reusable jewelry box with a matching bracelet and necklace.

Add an engraved message to make it even more personal.

A Digital Love Talisman.

Like the talismans of the past, Talsam is designed to have a positive effect on its wearer.

It's a symbol of someone else's love. A reminder that they are cherished. And a tool for seeking help when they need it.

Some believe that the semi-precious stones adorning each charm also bestow magical properties upon its wearer.

An Intimate Experience.

Enjoy a truly personal online messaging experience. A mobile app dedicated to you and someone you love.

Express yourself using text, photos, videos, voice notes, animated emojis, and stylized quotes. Share secrets and organize moments based on how they make you feel.

The best part is that every message you receive is from someone special. No noise. No clutter. Just love.

Handcrafted Wearable Technology.

Timeless Jewelry.

Designed in New York and made by hand in Europe using high end materials, every charm is an exquisite piece of jewelry even without the technology inside.

A Symbol Of Love.

Every charm is a physical representation of an intimate connection between two people. Every flash of light is a reminder of someone's love.

A Practical Device.

Every charm is a key for unlocking secret messages and a tool for sending SOS alerts containing the wearer's location to an emergency contact.

A Luxury Messaging Application.


Talsam is exclusive to your most precious relationships. Every message is love. Every connection is designed for two.


Protect your messages using two-factor authentication and take advantage of a suite of privacy controls.


Every detail has been designed to produce a user experience that sets the mood for intimate conversation.


Our app features a variety of animations designed to elevate the user experience, including a collection of emojis.


Organize your messages according to how they made you feel: amused, happy, loved, optimistic, or thankful.


Create stylized quotes using custom fonts and colors to make your messages even more tailored to the one you love.