Talsam | Luxury Smart Jewelry For The One You Love.

Born Out Of Long Distance Love

Talsam was inspired by our founder's experiences being away from people he loved.

The story behind Talsam is one about two star-crossed lovers that overcome adversity to stay connected. It’s a tale that will resonate with anyone that’s ever been in love. A ‘Romeo and Juliet’ for the digital age.

In our founder’s own words…

“My girlfriend and I were meant to be together. It had been decided the moment we laid eyes on each other. We had been dating for five years, sharing memories and having fun, immersed in a honeymoon phase that never seemed to end.

Life couldn’t be sweeter, until one day…my girlfriend had to move away and we were forced to do long-distance for more than 2 years.

While we were apart, I tried everything to make her feel cared for, surprising her with flowers, chocolates, gifts, and even a singing telegram from Kermit the Frog! We used all the usual communication channels to stay in touch, but most felt impersonal or lacked privacy.

I soon became sick of the situation. I was fed up of worrying about her walking home alone at night. I was frustrated that I couldn’t let her know I cared in a more romantic way. I was disillusioned by the generic nature of most communication channels available to us. It had reached the point where I was being chased by raging emojis in my dreams!

I wanted something that would be fun and easy to manage, that I could do every day, but that still felt private and intimate.

I wanted to be able to send her something physical that she could touch and feel and that showed her that I was thinking about her in a personal way.

Couple Memories Couple Memories
Our Story Our Story

I lay on my bed one night and looked out of the window at the skyline of a city far from home. I thought of my girlfriend and pictured her alone in bed. I thought of the things she liked. Sex in the City. Unicorns. Chocolate-covered strawberries. Jewelry.

Outside the window it was a freezing Winter’s night. A street lamp down below was flickering on and off. A frigid mix of snow and sleet was raining down, obscuring the view, making me feel even more disconnected.

Then it came to me.

What if my girlfriend could see a light flash whenever I thought about her? What if every time she saw that flash, she would know that it was from me?

What if I could combine that personal flashing light with her love of jewelry?

What if I could create a piece of jewelry that also allowed her to let me know if she needed help?

I got together with a group of friends and colleagues who were experts in product development and engineering, and we got to work.

What became Talsam was born.”